Choice Theory offers a unique understanding of human behaviour.
  • Learn how and why you choose the behaviours you do.
  • Understand your own behaviour better and begin and realize you have a choice.
  • Learn how to control how you deal with life.
This training provides:
  • Gain new learning and fine-tuning your knowledge & competence when working with others.
  • Learn how to build and maintain supportive relationships.
  • Increase your understanding of mental health in different areas of business, health and wellness, education, family and community.

People from all professions have taken this basic training leading to certification.

What is unique about this online training?
  • It's a hybrid online course offering more flexibility to you with your busy schedule
  • Each module on this Choice Theory Basic Intensive Training presents written content, interactive animations, and methods of self-evaluation.

This new online approach uses  the same instruction and activities of the traditional in person learning model used by William Glasser International Inc.

Choice Theory Online!

Choice Theory Online!  is a 45 hour course spread into a 14 week online training program where you will acquire new tools and increase your success when working with others. You will learn how to build and maintain supportive relationships. You will also deepen your knowledge with regard to key mental health cues in areas such as business, health and wellness, education, family and community.  

Choice Theory Online! will:  

  • Increase Your Awareness;
  • Provide an Understanding as to why people do the things they do;
  • Improve your questioning process to engage the people you deal with everyday;
  • Strengthen your relationships;
  • Increase your level of satisfaction, happiness and success in your career.

Choice Theory Online!  Accreditation for this program provides an equivalence of credits and or units for most colleges, universities and professional associations continuing education program in Canada and abroad.