We all go through the same process to get a driver’s license, however, all drivers are not the same. In the minds of some drivers, there is a belief that others have been put on this planet just to drive them crazy and this includes ill-timed traffic lights. While they curse and complain how others have cut them off or are slowing them down, they miss what is seemingly obvious- No, they have not been diagnosed with road rage, the fact is, they are in the driver’s seat of their own car and that’s the only control they have. This person would be less frustrated if they had an understanding of how to adjust their perception and consequent reactions. Not only is it much kinder to one’s physiology, others will find them more pleasant to be around as well. Understanding Choice Theory teaches the inner mechanics of the human mind so time and energy, which, let’s face it, is money not wasted reacting to events outside of oneself and beyond one’s control.

"I absolutely love Choice Theory Online. It is very much in line with the way I practice day-to-day life. both professionally and personally, so I could really relate. I am now using these specific skills and learning to be really mindful every day. Even though I was already using a lot of Choice Theory without knowing it, I found Choice Theory Online very practical and useful. I would like it very much if everyone could learn and practice this peaceful way of living. I would especially recommend it for parents, teachers and anyone in a helpful profession! Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course.
The Choice Theory Online modules of the program are all fantastic. It took me out of my comfort zone. It’s a wonderful hands-on way to apply choice theory purposefully. I am also reading the recommended book which is a great companion to this process. I am now committed to lifelong learning and applying Choice Theory to every aspect of my life. I will teach my children the same, so they can have more meaningful and fulfilling lives as well."
Dawn (Employment Counsellor / Case Manager)
I learned about Choice Theory in early 2012 when my partner was participating in a Choice Theory training. I became fascinated with the Choice Theory principles during our conversations and I began reading Dr. Glasser's books, including Choice Theory: A new Psychology of Personal Freedom. These Choice Theory principles came in very handy during a tough period in my career. I had just been part of a major transitional shift within the government, where many jobs were eliminated and employees, like myself, were asked to let go of jobs they loved and offered new positions in different departments.
I decided to accept a position that I wasn't passionate about. It was a difficult choice. A short time later I realized I would be miserable working in this new position and began feeling sad, unmotivated and depressed. Remembering the principles of Choice Theory, I began to question myself, examine my feelings and my behaviors in order to make better choices. I learned to let go of areas where I did not have control and to focus my time and my energies on the areas where I had control. This is when I felt I was beginning to move forward and feeling much better.
Within a few months of using the simple, easy and visual tools offered by Choice Theory, I had found another job that I loved and felt happy again. In 2016, I had the opportunity to participate in the pilot phase of Choice Theory Online which I really enjoyed. This online course offered me additional useful tools to manage both my personal and professional life.
M. Roy
Would you rather….
· Talk till you’re blue in the face or ask a pivotal question?
· Work harder than the clients you are trying to help or give them information that helps them help themselves?
· Get frustrated over people’s seemingly ineffective behaviour or develop an understanding and perspective to facilitate effective learning?
If you’re in the profession of helping others, being able to experience the latter of the above-mentioned choices is the difference between loving your job, or hating it. Since 1967, more than 86,000 people have completed a Basic Intensive Training of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. Dr. William Glasser’s work is taught in over 30 countries. Choice Theory will make a difference in your life!
One classroom, twenty-five students, two teachers - worlds apart!
When it came time for teachers to switch classes, the change and shift was palpable with the students and I too felt my physiology change. The atmosphere went from being engaged with learning to all being anxious and fearful. We never knew what would set her off. It became obvious to us all that one teacher had the skills to empower, while the other’s attempt to control everything (except her own outbursts) was an abuse of power. As a teacher assistant in that classroom, it was a long year! I can’t imagine what that was like from a kid’s perspective. That was many years ago. I’ve since learned one of those teachers had pursued Choice Theory training and is now a principal.
All teachers want to be good, even great. Not one has ever wanted to be labeled bad and feel frustrated and angry all the time. I felt compassion for that frustrated teacher, but it was more heart breaking to see kids endure and struggle with learning in that atmosphere. People skills matter and make all the difference. Choice Theory training makes all the difference.