We all go through the same process to get a driver’s license, however, all drivers are not the same. In the minds of some drivers, there is a belief that others have been put on this planet just to drive them crazy and this includes ill-timed traffic lights. While they curse and complain how others have cut them off or are slowing them down, they miss what is seemingly obvious- No, they have not been diagnosed with road rage, the fact is, they are in the driver’s seat of their own car and that’s the only control they have. This person would be less frustrated if they had an understanding of how to adjust their perception and consequent reactions. Not only is it much kinder to one’s physiology, others will find them more pleasant to be around as well. Understanding Choice Theory teaches the inner mechanics of the human mind so time and energy, which, let’s face it, is money not wasted reacting to events outside of oneself and beyond one’s control.